Alfanar leads sustainable development worldwide

Alfanar of Saudi Arabia, a pioneer in the development of sustainable and socially responsible projects, is investing $1.32 billion in a first-of-its-kind Lighthouse Green Fuels (LGF) sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) venture in Teeside, UK.

ALFANAR of Saudi Arabia sees itself as a pioneer in value creation and development of sustainable and socially responsible projects.
The company is at the forefront of developing, building, operating and managing renewable power, water treatment, healthcare, social, and digital infrastructures.
With an environmentally-conscious development portfolio in solar, wind, water treatment, and circular economy projects, Alfanar has made its solutions accessible to more than three million people worldwide through projects worth $3.5 billion in Saudi Arabia, the UK, Spain, India and Egypt.
The company is focused on enriching the value chain of projects including the development, financing, design, EPC, testing and commissioning, and operation and maintenance, with the aim of enriching communities where it operates.
Alfanar’s industry-leading expertise in sustainable projects has been utilised on the Lighthouse Green Fuels (LGF) sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) project located in Teeside, UK.
The company is investing $1.32 billion in the first of its kind project in the UK.
The LGF will process approximately one million tonnes of residual solid waste every year – such as municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel or solid recovered fuel – to produce more than 180 million litres annually of SAF and green naphtha.
The amount produced is sufficient to operate 15,000 flights per year while reducing harmful carbon emissions by 80 per cent compared to conventional fuels by more than 700,000 tons annually.
Construction on the LGF is expected to start in 2023 and it is expected to enter commercial operations in 2027. The project will create more than 700 jobs during construction and 240 full-time positions upon completion.
Last month, Alfanar awarded global engineering group Worley a front-end engineering and design (FEED) services contract the Teesside project.
Noaman Aladhami, UK Country Manager, Alfanar Energy, said the UK has an opportunity to be at the forefront of the SAF sector, with its access to suitable feedstocks and planned carbon capture infrastructure. 
Alfanar's has a diversified portfolio of products and services and works to providing sustainable solutions in power, healthcare, oil and gas, water and social sectors.
The company manufactures electrical and construction products at six facilities worldwide and has revolutionised the way cities are run by building and integrating the digital Infrastructure. --OGN