Hisense expands its B2B footprint in the Middle East

Hisense, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers dedicated to developing and producing cutting edge technology, has successfully expanded its footprint in the B2B sector.

Hisense, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers dedicated to developing and producing cutting edge technology, has successfully expanded its footprint in the B2B sector. 
The company focused on intelligent Smart City solutions, interactive displays and 138-inch all-in-one business solution screens during its recent participation in the Gitex Technology Week 2021.
From retail and transportation to healthcare and smart cities, Hisense is paving the way for businesses with advanced and efficient products and in becoming seamless, secure and well connected. 
“The introduction of our B2B expansion marks an exciting milestone in the Middle East region. Hisense has always been solutions-oriented and focused on driving value through offering comprehensive and integrated technological solutions to its customers with the goal to make their day-to-day lives easier, connected and secure,” said Jason Ou, Managing Director at Hisense Middle East & North Africa. 
“With the growing population and rapid urbanisation in the region, traffic management initiatives including safe driving, pedestrian safety, and enabling commuters to spend less time on the road has become vital.”
At the Gitex Technology Week, Hisense displayed the range of business solutions that captured the attention of visitors and private and government businesses attending the event. Under the B2B segment, two business solutions were launched.
The Grand 138-inch All-in-One Business Solution (AIO): The versatile, massive 138-inch All-in-One Business Solution (AIO) screen offers a multi-platform terminal that supports Windows, IOS and Android operating systems with screen mirroring and counter control enabled. 
Made up of 18 micro-LED blocks fitted into a giant frame, the 138-inch screen displays sharp, high-quality images without any visible splices.
The full integration of the software and hardware makes the 138-inch AIO very simple and easy to use. The built-in Android 8.0 OS with a 64-bit, 4-core CPU for efficient response, along with multiple connectors, including HDMI, USB, network port, and Bluetooth grant multi–function connectivity, allowing the 138-inch AIO to live up to its name. 
Typical uses for the AIO unit include mid-to-large conference rooms, malls, school auditoriums, stores, studios, airports, transport terminals, and even for at-home cinema experiences.
The product will be commercially available from December 2021.
Smart City Solutions: UAE has always been ambitious in adapting to innovations toward becoming a technologically advanced nation. Smart city projects are coming to life and supporting the vision and directives of the leaders of this country. 
Through encouraging a safe transportation experience, enhancing mobility through autonomous transportation technologies for increased productivity and reduced traffic congestion, and boosting the use of public transportation means to reduce time spent commuting, we are thereby “enabling residents and visitors to reach their destinations safer, faster, and happier.” 
The smart city solution by Hisense comprises urban traffic management and public transportation solutions.
Urban Traffic Management: Developed with the aim to enable integrated command and control of traffic in an urban environment, urban traffic management for smart cities comprises signal control, signal tuning services, and transportation solutions and services to eliminate traffic congestion and ensure road safety for motorists and pedestrians.
Hisense front-end systems capture traffic data via flow detection cameras, radars and other monitoring systems to oversee traffic queue length, occupied lanes and the general flow, which is then fed into the traffic data centre that activates the application platform to provide accurate solutions for real-time traffic management. 
Hisense provides two types of traffic signal controllers; the high-end controller, which is intended for large intersections and highways with frequent congestion, and the mid-end controller for main roads and coordinated intersections with relatively less congestion. 
HiCon, Hisense’s traffic signal control platform, offers permutations of as many as 40 control strategies in six different categories to ensure all the possible scenarios are covered. HiCon is currently already functional in 20 cities in China, with around 2,000 signal controllers installed. 
The platform has an “open NTCIP protocol,” and therefore works well even when integrated with signal controllers of other brands. When combined with guidance screens, HiCon helps influence traffic behaviour, reduce traffic jams and thereby reduce the amount of time vehicles are on the road. 
Hisense’s urban traffic management also offers e–police solutions such as capturing traffic violations such as jumping the red light, incorrect lane changing and driving in non-authorised areas. In the case of China, Hisense’s urban traffic management program has helped by reducing travel time by 11% to 26% in major cities and improving road efficiency by 20%. 
Smart City – Public Transportation Solutions: Hisense provides smart transportation solutions involving buses, taxis and cargo through the use of on-board terminals, in-vehicle monitoring, assisted driving and driver behaviour analysis. 
Hisense has gained recognition and won numerous awards by successfully undertaking the implementation and installation of public transport solution projects in 60 major cities in China. 
The solution includes an on-board terminal with multi-function integration as the key equipment, which includes business dispatching, VOIP calling, driver attendance and a one-button alarm. 
The equipment is supported by other systems using AI technology such as blind-spot pedestrian detection (BSD), early warning systems based on risk prediction (ADAS), and abnormal driver behaviour detection (DMS) such as smoking, making phone calls, and fatigue driving. Smart video surveillance systems are implemented for cargo trucks to prevent theft and ensure cargo safety and storage. 
Hisense is introducing these solutions in line with Smart Dubai’s vision to embrace technological innovation and advances to make Dubai a more “seamless, safe, efficient and personalised city experience for all residents and visitors.”-- TradeArabia News Service